MHS Seals

Welcome to the MHS Seals! We are a Roboboat team from James Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. We are currently the only high school team in the Roboboat competition, and we are proud to represent our school and our community. We are a team of students who are passionate about robotics, engineering, and computer science. We are excited to compete in the Roboboat competition and to learn from the experience. We are also excited to share our journey with you, and we hope that you will follow along with us as we prepare for the competition.


Computer Science

Our computer science team is responsible for everything computers, from setting up the computers on the boat to writing the code that controls the boat.


Our engineering team is responsible for designing and building the physical components of the boat, from the hull to the propulsion system.


Our electrical team is responsible for designing and building the electrical systems that power the boat and control its components.


Our marketing team is responsible for promoting the team and the competition, as well as raising funds and managing sponsorships.